lotus flower b.o.m.b

7 Jan

Don’t ask me why but for the craziest reason – Wale’s Lotus Flower Bomb has been repeating on the radio all day today and perhaps some of it’s lyrics – not all were a little sign for me. Because I believe in signs and only because this song probably played half a dozen times while I listened to the radio and in between stations might have made me think a little bit about the words some more.

“So I clap for her, she deserves an applause
Shawty working so hard, she deserve that Vuitton
Shawty where your baton, racing through my mind like
She heard that I got that work, I heard that she been on strike
Care to tell, I read your mind, she been on them dollars first
Caramel macchiatos when shawty get into work
I can be your boyfriend be your nigga or a friend with perks”

And then I spend the rest of the night listening to one of my loves – Bruno Mars. He’s such a ham and despite the negative stories you hear about him in the news, once you look at him – you can’t help but keep your eyes off of him. He’s delicious. 😉

One of the songs of his I’m loving right now is It Will Rain. Not only because it’s on the soundtrack of Twilight: Breaking Dawn part I, but also because I love the song even though it’s a sad one.

Another one of his songs that I’m enjoying right now that also speaks to me personally is The Other Side feat. Cee Lo Green & B.o.B.

Watch this gorgeous man & listen to his beautiful voice =D


2 Responses to “lotus flower b.o.m.b”

  1. buywowgoldzzz January 18, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    This blog post gets a 2 thumbs way up from me.

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