The F Train is for Lovers

12 Jan

It just so happens that I ride in to work and the city on a different train than what I’m used to and boy, it’s like a whole different vibe. You would think riding the F train is like being in the midst of every love story and romance novel without even having to bury your head inside a book.

I’m used to seeing angry, tired and low-down New Yorkers on the R train and even coming home I’d see a few quirky kids saying a few smart aleck things to their parents and it would make me laugh. Now that I’m traveling on a different path every day with the same end destination, the scene has changed. By the time I reach 7th Avenue in Brooklyn (for anyone who knows Brooklyn, they know how rich this neighborhood is), every couple you can imagine has gotten onto the train and has boundlessly started their commute together to however they start their day. And then I people watch. I notice the eclectic mix of people , couples and families all together. Mostly I notice the millions of couples that ride the F together. Maybe it’s just me but it’s amazing to see just how many couples there are and how many relationships there are.

I admit that I overhear some of these conversations and some of them are mundane while others are common relationship stuff. Then I think in retrospect like, ‘Would I react the same way she just did?’ It’s interesting to see how couples react with one another given in such a public place. Sometimes we try to be so private about things and have private conversations when we’re in such public of spaces like the train, bus or park.

The F train seems like the magic carpet to me sometimes. I sound like I’m jealous. Maybe I am a little bit. It’s kind of nice to see happy people riding the train, though. Even if it’s nothing but people in relationships and people with growing families. Even if that means I don’t fall into either of those categories.


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