30 Before 30

16 Jan

So today is the big two, five. Though today doesn’t feel any different than yesterday, I’m actually more anxious to get today over with. Why? Well mostly because as I get older birthdays seem to be more and more disappointing for me. I grew up always looking forward to them as a kid even if all I got was a cake. Though most people have a preconceived notion of only children being spoiled, I was raised by an only parent who was Mother and Father to me so she had to make up for both when my Father wasn’t there to be a Dad to the little girl that I was. Birthdays for me have become so mundane after I turned 21 I’d say. Once you’re 18 and you become legal – you think “Yes! I’ve waited all this time to finally be able to do all of these things on my own.” Then you find out it’s not so different than what you anticipated.

So as much as I don’t want to sound depressing on the day my mother breathed life into me, it’s just another day. Perhaps it’s just today or this year and the year past that has me feeling this way about my birthday this year. Maybe I should be a little more excited about it. What I do know is that I have a lot to look forward to and I really do want to continue looking forward.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on this list, 30 Before 30, that I was inspired by when I read it by a blogger I follow about a year ago. I knew I wanted to write a list of my own when it came close to my 25th birthday. My life is going through tons of changes right now and if I told you the kind of emotions I felt, you would need a notepad to write them all down because there are too many to describe.

I created a page on this blog especially for this list, which I wrote about here. Or you can just click on the tab above that says 30 Before 30.

The saying usually goes, “It’s never too late,” but I just never want it to be late to do something I absolutely love. I’ve spent too much time on other people these past few years and not enough paying close attention to my goals and what I want to accomplish. There are some hefty goals there and there are some that will make me laugh and probably cry, but none that I can’t see through. I think it’s time I take care of me this time.


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