It’s All in The Details

23 Jan

Have you ever thought about what to get someone special – for Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Or even their birthday? I’m sure you have wether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife or even a..fling. That is if you’ve established you’re at that exchanging gifts level already.

What’s more is when you think about what to buy someone, sometimes it’s a task in itself just thinking what the best gift is, how much is too much or too little to spend. For people who know me – and when I say this, I’m referring to anyone who has gotten a gift that I have put more thought into other than what was hanging on a shirt hanger or sitting on a shelf – they know that I pay attention to details. Most often I go out of my way and not because I’m looking for the same thing in return, but just because it feels good to see someone open something up that I put more thought into than just a few minutes. I’m always paying attention just when someone thinks I’m not to the things people might say they like or don’t like or would love to do. Then I make a mental note and keep it stored away in my head and SURPRISE! Some time later I’ll scoop in like Wonder Woman and surprise someone I care for with something extraordinary or just out of the blue and unexpected.

I believe in grand romantic gestures sometimes when it’s most fitting – even when it’s for the people I love the most like my friends and family. Like a picture of me and my cousin in a ‘cousin’ picture frame just seemed like the perfect gift to give rather than anything else materialistic like clothes, perfume or stuff she already has. Sometimes you don’t need BIG ideas or gifts to make you feel good, which is the exact idea.

Some years ago I had gotten a gift that was so minute, but so to the tee it sent me into tears. I was opening a bookbag and inside of it were a few things – a new iPod and a Bobby Pin holder with a bunch of Bobby Pins in it. The person who got me these gifts was someone I was very close to and pretty much knew me like a glove. So what made me cry? Well, I used to leave Bobby Pins lying around everywhere and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. The kitchen counter, the bathroom, my dresser. And the person who got me the Bobby Pin holder told me when I opened it, “You always leave these lying around the house. Now you don’t have to. Now you have somewhere to put them all the time.” It was the smallest, most inexpensive gift I’m sure the person has ever gotten for someone, yet it meant more to me than the iPod. It made me cry because they knew the details to the smallest things to my everyday life and to me – that was BIG.

Granted, we’re never able to pay attention to details when we aren’t around people all of the time or often enough to get to know them. But when we are, we learn so much about them and their characters. How can we NOT pay attention to the details?

My best friend even told me that this past Christmas was probably her best yet with her husband. She got so many things from him that she likes when every year prior all she got was perfume. He openly admitted that after so many years he finally started to pay attention to what she liked.

I’m always looking at the small things and the small ways to surprise someone or treat them to something or make them feel good wether it’s a compliment or a special treat. It’s nice to know that someone is also paying attention to the details of you and your life, too. 


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