Zombie Mode

1 Feb

As I’m pushing myself to get through this post, there was probably a few occasions tonight that when I looked up at the time, only a few minutes had passed. Seriously, I feel like a zombie today. Granted I haven’t had a crazy week I think I’m just exhausted from weeks prior from work. I really wish I was a morning person too. It doesn’t help that I press snooze more than three times. I’ve read that pressing snooze actually doesn’t give you more minutes of sleep time. It actually adds more fatigue to your body than you think it does. Who knew? But we still do it. And I’m guilty of it every single day. I keep telling myself I’m going to go to bed much earlier, but I never do. To prep me for the amazing sleep time I’m hoping awaits me, I’ve got my candle lit and I’m relaxing in bed. Ah, the peace!

I know when I’m exhausted if I’m wearing my glasses when I’m using my Mac. Though I should be using them every single day for the computer and for reading – I don’t. Not that I don’t like wearing them, I just forget to take them with me everywhere I go.

I’m feeling so much like a zombie that I think I’m actually about to cut this short – for once!

Tata for now! =D

zombie mode..attempting to keep my eyes open & look cute doing it. -_-


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