The Makeup Bag

17 Feb

I never carry one in my handbag or pocketbook and sometimes I really wonder how feminine I really am. I never even so much as carry a mirror. The whole ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ never seemed to bedazzle me much growing up but I learned to humble myself with the phrase more and more. I hardly ever checked myself in the mirror which is why I almost never carried a mirror around, also because I was fearful of breaking one – I’m a believer of those Spanish myths and yes, breaking a mirror was not something I intended because I didn’t want 7 years of bad love life though I think I was destined for that anyway. Has it been seven years, yet?

As much as I like makeup and I wear it often, though never too much, I always apply my makeup on at home. I used to be one of those people who sat on the train and used their laps as their vanity table and did their makeup while en route to school or work. Over the years that’s changed, thankfully. I respect my space and commute on the train as I do others’ so eating and applying makeup are simply a bit personal. No one really wants to see you do it.

I seldom carry a makeup bag only because I already carry my whole life with me in my handbag. By the time I’ve got my bag packed and ready to go, it’s nearing about five to six pounds of mostly literature and planners and things and I’m left to leaving close to no room for a makeup bag for emergenices or “just in case things” should I have a makeup or beauty crisis that needs mending. Most women I know always know what to carry in the right size bags to fit just in any size purse or handbag. I think I missed that memo as a woman.

I can’t tell you how many times my best girl friends have asked me if I’ve had a mirror or even a tweezer when we’ve been out or just before going out on a ladies’ night out. I’ll always reply with a, “No.” Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “What the hell do you need to tweeze your eyebrows now for?” I think I just grew up not caring so much about how I looked. Even now, I’ll put on my makeup and walk out the house. Whatever happens the rest of the day, I find a way to make do even if that means wiping off my makeup entirely. The makeup on my face is only temporary and it always washes away. I will not die if I don’t have makeup on or a makeup bag. In essence, not carrying one around is a good thing because I know I wouldn’t need it or the makeup on my face.


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