I Dare You To Dance..

21 Feb

I’m a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres and I’ve been since her early comedic days, even since the Ellen Show and I would be referring to her 30 minute comedy series – the one in which she used to publicly come out a lesbian. I’ve always been a fan of hers and while I won’t sound like a kiss ass, I think she’s one of the rare women of comedy these days who have a huge following let alone she believes in a number of causes that she has the advantage of bringing light to due to her celebrity status.

On her talk show, Ellen, she’s always doing these funny skits and clips where she shows her fans doing these things that she sets them up to do – sometimes on a search and others daring them to do. Her current one “Dance Dare,” seems to be one of the hottest ones and this past weekend when I visited my family in New Jersey, my Uncle had already warmed up a bit to the challenge. It was to my surprise that he had already made a few video clips, but it wasn’t until the weekend that we had created a final version that he wanted to put up to submit to the “Dance Dare” challenge in hopes of being shown on the show or at best, getting a ticket to the show which is the grand prize.

You must watch, because he’s a riot. He’s like this 24/7, not just for the Dance Dare.


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