My Womanly ‘Circle’

27 Feb

I’ve always considered myself a feminist and probably right now I’m a hairy one – since of course this is hibernating season when the legs just barely ever come out. I feel myself already drifting off into wonderland and this is only the second sentence – the places my mind wanders to!

Really though, being around inspiring and uplifting women somehow always makes me feel…good. Inspired. Eager. Hungry. Thriving. Living. I rarely meet a man that can fulfill all of these things in me without failing at so many other things like poor conversation or his outlook on the world. It’s unattractive and for some reason, women always see the grandeur scheme of things that men are missing. Okay, okay, now I know at this point I’m really sounding like a man-hating lesbian, but I’m speaking from the gut and from what I know. This weekend I met up with my writing group ladies where one of our members introduced a new writer to the group. I’ve been super lucky to be in the company of these type of women who are always so energetic and full of life, seeking the little things that make you question things a little more and a little more in depth.

It’s not just these women who I see once a month for our writing sessions, but it’s the other women I’ve met at other crossroads that have made small, minute and even grand imprints on my life that I’ll always seem to remember and they still inspire me even if I don’t know where they are geographically in the world. It’s the women I met in another country, who given the chance to ever meet them in our hometown of the busy streets of New York City, I’m not sure we ever would have gotten the chance to. But it’s their careers & their love of the work that they do wether it’s small or large that gives me the pat on the back when I need it to know that I’m not the only one still working towards my goals and dreams, too. They are the same strong, liberated women in my life doing just the same.

When I read about fellow women who I took classes with in college through Facebook or Twitter and read about their fantastic pavements through the arts and the grassroots activists that they still are, I know that it inspires me to do more in my own communities even if it’s just from my fingertips and the ball of a pen. I know that I am among many women around me, wether they be close or far in distance their presence is always positive and always urging me to be my very best and never telling me that I should fall prey to any weaknesses. It’s the circle of these women that keep me on my toes, always dreaming and believing. Always knowing that I deserve it.


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