Old School Thangs

6 Mar

Over the weekend when I was reorganizing my closet, I was going through some of my old but upkept sneakers. Most of my sneakers look like they’re freshly bought mainly because when I wear them, I keep them looking as if they were fresh out of the box. Plain and simple – I take care of my things old and new. It’s because of that reason that I still have sneakers and shoes from 7 years ago that look brand new, but also because I don’t always wear them. I have enough sneakers and shoes to pretty much cover me, but I’m always looking to buy new ones. A girl can never have enough shoes or handbags – it’s written somewhere I’m sure.

Going through my old sneakers from high school, don’t judge me, makes me feel kind of good. It brings me back to when things in life were simple and less crazy. When all that really mattered were your friends and school and even what you were doing after class. College was just an extended version of that in a sense, with more responsibilities. It was the adult version. We grew up and made decisions. When I look through my closet and at the shoes and sneakers I wore as I grew up – the decisions I made to wear on my feet changed. But today, I’m feeling a little old school. It’s nice to go back to that every once in a while.

I have to tell you, this week the universe has been sending me out some crazy positive vibes and I’m feeding off of that energy. I’ve been ignoring whatever I believe to be negative or a toxic energy and it’s been such a turning page for me to do that. I can only pray and hope that it keeps up like this. Maybe it’s because this week I have some awesome things going on for me, maybe it’s because the man upstairs is working in favor for me – all I know that I’m letting the cards fall where they may. I’ve always been the type of person to want to plan things far ahead and plan things day by day and to the tea. I mean, you would almost think I was a military child at the way I was so organized with how I functioned. But I guess that was me looking for some order in a disorderly kind of world. I’m stopping that a little more each day and I’m just letting things go how they want to go. When I have an urge to do something I’ll just do it, no questions asked. I don’t plan too many things ahead of time anymore because I don’t want to live like that with all of those constraints that I need to plan everything out according to this day or that day. I can still be organized and in my own way. I can still be old school with a new school twist.

So if I’m feeling like wearing my old school Nike Dunks one day when I wake up, chances are I’m feeling a little old school and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Old school Nike Dunks ❤


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