My ‘Self-Sufficientness’ & DIY Attitude

8 Mar

There are plenty of things that I take pride in doing myself rather than shelling money out to get done by other people or having store-bought things when I can do just as good when done by myself. I’m very much a Do-It-Yourself kind of person. I believe in IKEA though not always as over the years I haven’t had great experiences with some of their furnitures but I still love alot of their things (I have an excellent bookshelf by the way that is filled to capacity! Going to have to buy another one of them pretty soon).

In fact, I follow a blogger (look to your right on my blogroll for Urban Casita) who furnishes her Chicago urban apartment in vintage style love and does things over all on her own dime alot of the time. I get alot of inspiration from people like her and through magazines and HGTV shows when I see things that spark my interest or that just give me the urge to do something fun and artsy. Even on a regular basis I’m always doing something self-sufficient like giving myself mani-pedis. Half of the time when I get them done in a nail salon, I’m supporting non-licensed workers. This never puts me in a fun mood and neither does getting a messed up manicure that I wind up changing the color a few days later.

In other times, you can catch me during the holidays especially gift giving but rather than buying a material gift I’ll usually make something on my own and put a ton of thought into it. A few Christmases ago, my younger cousin Yasmine out of the crystal blue skies wanted this snow globe after she had seen a bunch of fancy and a little pricey ones in a card store we went into. I would’ve bought her one on any given day especially it being close to the holidays. I thought it was going to pass, but she kept raving about this snow globe. She was serious about it. I knew that it was going to sit on her shelf and nothing was going to come of it once I got it for her. So, rather than buying the thing, I took a trip down to Michael’s and bought all the necessary things I needed to make a snow globe. I put an ornament inside of a little snowman. Sure enough that Christmas she got her snow globe and I made it with every ounce of love and detail.

I don’t preach about it or praise my DIY attitude, but it makes me happy at what I can do myself. I’m not boasting or gloating either. I’m able to admit also that there are things that I am able to do on my own but when there are times that I need help, I knowingly admit to that and give in for much needed help. Of course, some pampering never hurt no one. Right?


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