Hello, my name is Margarita & I’m a bit of a TV Junkie.

11 Mar

If there’s one thing you MUST know about me – I’m a bit of a TV junkie. But there have been moments in my life that I go weeks without ever turning on the television even for the news or weather. Unfortunately I get suckered into watching reality television and though I don’t count Ellen DeGeneres as one of them, it’s about the only other non-reality tv show I watch. It’s funny, but I’ve always been a pretty good judge of a person and if you’ve never thought about this you might want to think about it with the people you surround yourself with or the people you talk TV with. It’s an interesting little survey I kind of did and without ever really asking too many questions, I’ve always been able to get a feel for the types of television shows that the people I’m close with watch without ever really having to ask. I’m not one to judge if all they watch are Teen Mom, T.I. & Tiny or the Bad Girls Club or these other crazy shows on gangs and scared straight things – things that you can never ever learn from but just are for pure entertainment shock value. But sometimes it always makes me wonder if it’s ever a reflection of their own morals and beliefs and how they live their own lives. Maybe I’m just overanalyzing it, though. But I’m always curious about things like that. I know people who just don’t get shows like that and are turned off by it.

I’m a walking contradiction myself – alot of times I watch shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom not because it’s popular or because it’s a trend but because I’m more interested in how a network publicizes their downfalls and their triumphs as though it’s something to live by or as if they are truly idols. To some they might be, but I have mixed feelings about it. What I do like is that certain times they will say they’re there to show that they are trying to show what not to do – however in such a skewed way it’s not always clear how they come across in their messages.

There are times though when I catch myself watching good, strikingly intense scripted television shows that either make me laugh or cry or sometimes both. There’s a show I recently became a fan of that I believe just came out called Surburgatory and it’s laugh out loud funny. I really have to get into a show to be committed to it and not too many shows do that for me.

And really, as a side note I just have to say that there are TOO many competition shows these days. What ever happened to singing your heart out on the stages at bars, in hospitals or on the street – sell yourself to the real people of the world and not this commercial stuff. I’m just saying.

April 1st is coming up and the show that literally took me by the hair and said HELLO! blew me away and had me every single Sunday anxiously awaiting and upset that it was only one hour even though I know no syndicated show lasts longer than 60 minutes, is coming back! That would be AMC’s The Killing [of Rosie Larsen]. I’ve become a thriller/crime fan since SVU some years ago and this reminds me of that but way more intense. The suspense this show packs is crazy amazing. You feel like you’re part of every scene and every single detail. Ahhh. I’m getting excited. =D


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