The Bigger Picture

15 Mar

A few months ago I bought this picture frame at a ridiculous price ($8) when I was spending the day with my best friend. I went home that day on the bus from Staten Island, as usual, looking like bag lady. I think this was sometime back in November or October. The frame held eleven photos and I knew I wanted to put it up in my room and black and white photos had to go in there. I’ve been getting into photography more and given that I’ve bought a better camera, it gives me more of a reason to go out into the world and catch things on camera. I haven’t taken a class yet, but when the opportunity comes – I’m going for it.

I finally took the afternoon yesterday to reprint pictures in black and white of the selected photos I pulled from various albums – of people in my life that inspire me, that I love and that mean the world to me. I still have empty frames waiting to be filled so that I can fill my other surrounding walls, but nothing has inspired me enough to figure out what to put on them yet. For now, what sit parallel from my bed are my tv, two small shelves one with an alarm clock and the other with my imitation orchid plant – don’t judge me! I haven’t bought a real one yet since I’m waiting for the nicer weather. And what now, as of yesterday, hangs above my tv is my picture frame filled with smiling faces that make me want to create more things to fill my sanctuary I call my room!

black & white photo love ❤


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