Hello Change, I’m Ready For You!

26 Mar

So I’m not one to ever advertise a product or market something – unless I totally 100% believe in it. There’s a company whose products are based around all natural health and nutritional things. Herbalife helped me about a year ago begin my weight loss journey. The people in my life who know me and know me well know about my story with my losing weight and my struggle with being overweight all of my life – being the chubby red head was always the story of my life. It was something I just accepted. But once you really become knowledgeable about your health and the consequences it can have later on in the future – you pay more attention.

That’s exactly what I did.

What really happened like probably tons of other overweight people is I had a doctor visit scare. Actually, it was a visit to the dermatologist. I had had this red rash behind my neck for going on a year or two years (ironically ever since I had put on 30-40 pounds). So I made a visit to the dermatologist for a consultation. The doctor came into the room and took a look at the rash behind my neck with a light, ran one finger over it and clicked off the light. She turned around and said some medical mumbo-jumbo terminology I didn’t quite understand. I asked her to rephrase what she meant about the rash’s origin and where it comes from. She said, “These types of rashes come from people who usually have diabetes.” All I heard was diabetes. I left the office in tears thinking my health was at risk and worse – that my future was never going to be the same.

After tests and follow-ups I’m thankful to say that I do not have diabetes and I’m a perfectly healthy young woman. But this scare however unprofessional it might have been with just one consultation – was the fire that I needed to light under me. I knew at that moment that my weight was only going to continue to be a concern for more health issues in the future if I didn’t do something about it. So I did something.

I began this amazing protein shake program – kind of like a Slim Fast, but all natural and healthy for you with Herbalife. My best friend’s mother and her family were big supporters since they had their own health clubs selling the products. At the start of me joining, I was well over 200 pounds (though no one believes me). You could see it in my face how chubby I was. Yes, I still say chubby.

Before the weight loss..

After a few months of doing the program and exercising, I dropped the weight and everyone saw my results. I’ve been able to keep off the weight since then and I couldn’t be happier. Also, that rash behind my neck miraculously disappeared.

After the weight loss!

The picture above was just this January. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. I still am not at my goal weight so I’d like to lose between another thirty to forty pounds, which I know is feasible with this program and the amazing support system this company has!



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