A Word That’s Spoken

29 Mar

In recent weeks, I’ve been writing more prominently within my writing group that I keep up with once a month (which is blossoming by the way!) and when it’s my turn to workshop my pieces – I’m always staying within the work that stays pretty close to the bigger work I’m looking to complete which is non-fiction/memoir. Since college and probably even before then it’s where my passion always laid (lay? lie?) so my work has always been more personal. Most people have told me it’s a brave thing I’m doing, writing what I write about, but I think it’s just part of my existence and why I was put on this Earth.

But what alot of people don’t know is I have another deep rooted passion for spoken word. I discovered it in my freshman year of college when I had to do a final project for a women’s studies class – any creative expressive piece on any women’s studies issue. It was open to basically anything. So I chose to really do something I had never done but always wanted to do and I chose to perform a spoken word piece about my battle with being overweight and what it meant to society. I had a mentor who was a spoken word performer and I went to an Open Mic before I performed my piece in front of my class. I have to say, there was something about performing spoken word that I couldn’t express through just writing. When you’re up there in front of people – your message becomes more crystal clear. People hear you, they feel you. It brought out a new terrain in my writing and opened up so many new emotions in my writing I never had before. Since then my writing grew so much. I can only imagine that getting back into spoken word now, what it would do for me.

I’ve been watching so many videos on YouTube of artists it’s kind of an addiction. LOL!

It reminds me of how much talent there is out there and how much inspiration I’m getting to get back into performing. I mean, I only got my feet wet – barely! I performed but once and it was such a thrill to do it. I’ve started some pieces and everytime I start a new one, I keep thinking of another one. I guess this just calls for some more writing time!


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