30 Before 30

I’m not a plagiarist, but I was deeply inspired to create this ‘bucket’ list, if you will, taken from a Blogger I follow – see her list here. A big part of the reason I felt inspired to make this list is because as I’ve approached the Big 25, I am in fact getting closer and closer to 30. Though it’s a whole five years away I know it will be here before I know it.

With that being said, I am undoubtedly a list maker and so I thought this list is the perfect kind for me. I have tons of goals and achievements I want to accomplish that are long term and many of them I don’t ever try to put a deadline on – like my writing career. Those are things that come with patience and plenty of it. But being able to make a list of things I want to do and cross them off is such a great feeling and why not be able to share it by writing about them individually?

I don’t see this list as all big goals and accomplishments I want to achieve – some are small, too. Over time they might change as I will too. Once I’ve accomplished something on the list, it’ll be crossed off and I’ll post about it and update it. I’ve created a page just for ’30 Before 30,’ too. See it here. For right now these are the 30 things I’d like to accomplish or do before I turn 30 years old (in no particular order)!

1. Learn how to crochet and actually make a few cool things.

2. Backpack through Europe.

3. Invest in a life insurance policy.

4. Run in the NYC ING Marathon and have a busload of supporters wear T-shirts and signs that say, “Go Maggie, Go!”

5. Reach my goal weight and maintain it.

6. Learn how to ride a bike.

7. Join a women’s rape/incest/molest survivors group &/or create a writing group for those survivors.

8. Go ziplining, bungee jumping + skydiving – not all in one shot + not in that particular order.

9. Attend a spoken word open mic + perform a piece.

10. Move out of Mom’s + get my first place.

11. Create a “Childhood + Teenage Years” box of everything I’ve ever held on to + still am holding on to.

12. Speak Spanish fluently.

13. Spend an entire day/afternoon at the spa with my girlfriends + try to make it an every few months ritual.

14. Once I complete #5, wear a bikini.

15. Start having a family.

16. Plan a vacation to revisit Argentina with the three women I met while studying there and am still close friends with ’til this day.

17. Take Salsa dancing classes.

18. Further my education with Masters & PhD degrees. (This is currently in the works and I’m working on a ton of education programs that I am looking into and exploring a bunch of options that will open me up to more educational and professional opportunities)

 19. Travel somewhere out of the country at least once every year + try to make it my own tradition.

20. Move out of New York (or at least the five boroughs).

21. Make some head way on starting up an organization that’s centered around women (specifically 30s-50s) who are struggling in and out of jobs with little to no college education as a means to build up their organizational, personal and communication skills in hopes of furthering their lives and being a bigger support system for women that I feel is truly lacking in our community.

22. Finish compiling my childhood scrapbook.

23. See some of my Lopez family that I haven’t seen in years.

24. Meet my brother Neil for the first time.

25. Buy a car.

26. Finish my left sleeve + at least begin on the right.

27. Have published + written stories in literary magazines that build up on my portfolio.

28. Attend out-of-state + NY-state writing residencies + one-day/weekend intensive workshops.

29. Create + keep consistent, an Excel list of writing entries submitted to lit mags.

30. Donate my unused handbags + shoes to the Church or an organization for women every year.


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