Mark My Words

There’s a ton of things to be said about myself, but many of which I wouldn’t dare divulge for the whole of the cyber universe to see. I take pride in alot of things I do, though pride is a tough characteristic to have. It’s never something you ever want to have too much of. It gets in the way of alot of things. There aren’t enough things in the world for me to do – I can picture myself doing them all, including traveling until I get old and wrinkled. My passion is writing. Without it, I’m nothing. There are two places in this world where I find peace – being anywhere around the people I love & near the ocean. Sometimes I think I was born with an old soul. There are experiences in my life that I’m forever greatful for, but there are some I wish I could forget and get past. I’m not the perfect person, I do have flaws – we all do. I accept myself for who I am and I accept that I must change in order to be a better person over time. I’m an animal lover and I do everything with my eyes closed simply because you can never take a risk with your eyes wide open. There isn’t one fiber in my body that isn’t dedicated to being happy and fulfilling happiness everywhere else around me. I live my life every day in the moment, never in the past nor what is to come. I live. I laugh. I love.


One Response to “Mark My Words”

  1. Aimê July 26, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    your blog is very simple but i like it because it is very well structured.

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