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If I Weren’t Who I Am Today..

20 Jul

I often talk about my love of interior designing and if I liked to move every year, which I don’t only because it’s costly and it’s hell of a lot of work, the one thing I absolutely love to do besides my passion of writing is decorating and designing things on a DIY-budget.

Often times you can catch me following bloggers and looking up DIY-things and restoring old furniture and looking up furniture on my favorite website, I love alot of the designers on Etsy so much so that the designers and sellers have added me to their circles lately. Talk about love of designing.

If I had it my way, I would be paid as an interior designer/decorator as I get my inspiration from all sources and outlets. I’m actually dying to go to these flea markets in Brooklyn where a few people have told me they have some really great vintage inspired furniture and antique pieces that will knock your socks off. It’s every designers’ dream.

Designing a space for me, is something I always see as another way of expressing my identity. Wether it’s through paint on the walls, picture frames, drapery, or throw pillows. It’s a statement you’re trying to make and you try to make it as close to your own identity as possible or something that replicates how you see yourself. So as I think about the next space or chances I will have at designing a space, I usually pull out pieces of a magazine or write down things that inspire me, jot down ideas I get from time to time and keep them together – however they may change sporadically.

If anyone has any good designing tips, suggestions or references.. please leave comments! Always suggested and helpful!



7 Mar

I usually don’t feel the need to post about big advocating things unless I feel really motivated about them, but after reading tons of people on my Facebook newsfeed with the same status for two days straight – I googled what KONY was and stumbled upon this 29 minute long video.

I know the beginning image looks like an eighth grade Sciene video, but it’s far from it. It’s a video that was documented in raw form and eye opening. I know that there are things that go on in this world that we as Americans are so oblivious to, but I failed to realize just how much I wasn’t doing as an activist to see people like Joseph Kony be brought to justice. There are so many people in the world that suffer and while you can’t manage to take on everything in the world at once, you can at least help in fighting to bring one man down. It pains me that these types of criminals still exist in other countries, but not every country is like ours.

There are many causes that I believe in and that I advocate for like Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights. I believe that every child should have a right to free and public education and if they aren’t ready to progess to the next grade they can repeat their grade level. I also hold true to my values that every illness, cancer and disease should never be made lightly of and that awareness should always be brought on each so that cures and new medical treatments and discoveries can be made. Finally, I believe that when you feel strongly about something that you should run with your instincts. Just like you should never let anyone back you down from doing what you love, you should never keep anyone from doing something or advocating from something you genuinely feel strong about and is for a good cause and that means well and comes from a good place inside of you. When you do good, it all comes back tenfold.



Invisble Children Inc.

The Makeup Bag

17 Feb

I never carry one in my handbag or pocketbook and sometimes I really wonder how feminine I really am. I never even so much as carry a mirror. The whole ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ never seemed to bedazzle me much growing up but I learned to humble myself with the phrase more and more. I hardly ever checked myself in the mirror which is why I almost never carried a mirror around, also because I was fearful of breaking one – I’m a believer of those Spanish myths and yes, breaking a mirror was not something I intended because I didn’t want 7 years of bad love life though I think I was destined for that anyway. Has it been seven years, yet?

As much as I like makeup and I wear it often, though never too much, I always apply my makeup on at home. I used to be one of those people who sat on the train and used their laps as their vanity table and did their makeup while en route to school or work. Over the years that’s changed, thankfully. I respect my space and commute on the train as I do others’ so eating and applying makeup are simply a bit personal. No one really wants to see you do it.

I seldom carry a makeup bag only because I already carry my whole life with me in my handbag. By the time I’ve got my bag packed and ready to go, it’s nearing about five to six pounds of mostly literature and planners and things and I’m left to leaving close to no room for a makeup bag for emergenices or “just in case things” should I have a makeup or beauty crisis that needs mending. Most women I know always know what to carry in the right size bags to fit just in any size purse or handbag. I think I missed that memo as a woman.

I can’t tell you how many times my best girl friends have asked me if I’ve had a mirror or even a tweezer when we’ve been out or just before going out on a ladies’ night out. I’ll always reply with a, “No.” Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “What the hell do you need to tweeze your eyebrows now for?” I think I just grew up not caring so much about how I looked. Even now, I’ll put on my makeup and walk out the house. Whatever happens the rest of the day, I find a way to make do even if that means wiping off my makeup entirely. The makeup on my face is only temporary and it always washes away. I will not die if I don’t have makeup on or a makeup bag. In essence, not carrying one around is a good thing because I know I wouldn’t need it or the makeup on my face.

Spontaneity, Was That You Knocking At My Door This Weekend?

6 Feb

It’s not too often that I make plans and sometimes they spontaneously shift and with good cause. Usually I like to plan things way ahead of the game. I sometimes like to be in control of things and like to see things go according to my plans. But it’s nice to just let things go off track every once in a while and not just plan every little thing down to the last little detail. So when I had plans to see one of my good friends who I see every couple of months – sometimes twice a year – I thought we were just going to chill at her place, cozy up and lay low and just bullshit the whole night. I thought that was the plan. But she totally surprised me and said she was taking me to dinner – to one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Brooklyn, SEA which is the sister restaurant to SPICE which is my other love. If you haven’t been and you really enjoy Asian food, you seriously MUST go. It’s in Williamsburg and there are tons of other restaurants and bars around. Definitely not a miss.

She surprised me with a little treat and it was an awesome friend date, as we call them! Thanks, boo! =)

And this was my hot tamale that was sitting across from me, outdressing me and all that. As she usually does. I need to start shopping with her. Seriously.

Date Night!

Funny enough it didn’t end there. We went to a bar her friend was bartending at and while she had a few drinks, I had my beer. Yeah, I know. I’m just not used to the social scene much. I’ve been hibernating as of late which I think has just changed this past weekend. Even more funnier, the one time I get up from my seat to go to the bathroom and come back, I come back to a shot which a random stranger in the bar bought for me. As he walked over to take the shot with me, I thought to myself, “Please don’t gag.” I don’t remember the last time I took a shot of anything. Oh yeah, nevermind. I do. And I never want to think about that time ever again.

The rest of my weekend was absolutely filled with more spontaneity. I got to see my other bestie, Josh! Who eventually I believe will wind up having my babies if I get too old and I’m still single without any children. We gossiped and vented over original Cherry Cokes and triple decker sandwiches at our favorite joint – Johnny Rockets. No one understands why we love that place – everyone thinks it’s probably the most disgusting chain in New York City, but we love it. It brings us back to the old days of high school for us and it makes us feel young again I suppose. It’s nostalgia at it’s finest. It was the perfect Friday night.

Classic Cherry Coke & Oreo Milkshake with my bestie - Yes please!

On top of it all I knew I was going to be spending this weekend with my little cousin Yasmine, who I often croon about. She’s 10 going on 20. I love her to pieces and sometimes I get a little emotional because I remember how much I would squeeze the love out of her when she was so tiny. I can’t do that anymore because it’s gross to her. But at least I can paint my nails with her and sometimes shopping can be fun to her like picking out my bed set and fuzzy pillows, which thankfully she was there to help me with that daunting task. We spent the weekend entirely on us and I took her to one of our favorite places in Brooklyn, The Painted Pot. There are two studios (Park Slope/Carroll Gardens & Bay Ridge), but I’ve only been to the one in Bay Ridge. It’s such a great way to relieve stress. We sat there, painting our projects in almost complete silence. I don’t think it was because we didn’t have anything to say to eachother, but because we were both enjoying it. People often talk through their painting all of the time – in fact I couldn’t help but overhear the people sitting behind us and their conversations. I just was so into what I was doing it didn’t really phase me much. And I don’t think it did to her either.

I think you can tell…

Mini Me's awesome work of art!

Overall, a sponteanous weekend well worth it. I guess sometimes there are some things you don’t need to plan and just go with the flow.

As Sick As They Come

14 Dec

Right before I was getting ready to do my post today, I realized it’s been a few days since my last blog. A HUGE sorry to my readers, but I’ve actually been home sick with the flu since late this weekend. It’s no surprise that the first year I go to get the flu shot early on that I actually GET the flu. Go figure.

This time I think it might have been caused from standing out in the cold all of those hours last week when I was on Friday’s taping of The View. See my blog about how awesome it was here. I guess getting sick was kind of worth it though.

I’m weening off of my cold and I’m feeling alot better. Getting sick definitely isn’t fun and I usually never get this sick. When I do get sick I’m out of commission for a few days. Luckily this time it was just a day and a half or so. I got some much needed rest and funny enough the smallest things like lounging out in front of the TV watching holiday movies (admittedly on Lifetime and Hallmark channels) and wrapping presents probably helped ease me back to health along with my diet that mainly consisted of Theraflu, cough drops and lots of liquids.

Oh, yes. UPS came by yesterday to deliver a package I had been waiting for – an early Christmas gift to myself since I have been spoiling myself lately – because I deserve it.

I’m kind of glad I’m getting all of this sickness out of me now so I can bring in the new year feeling refreshed and ready to go. I’m ringing in 2012 with all things new including a new version of me – well sort of. I’m not changing anything about the way I look or going for a new look either, just changing my perspective about how I view things as I have been in recent months. I usually get excited about the new year coming close also because my birthday is two weeks after the ball drops so it always excites me. It’s a celebration right after another.  What better way to celebrate the new year and my birthday than with back to back parties? Righttt? Trust me – the plan is to get better and FAST so that I can join in on the festivities, enjoy Christmas with my familia & friends and bring in this new year with the biggest bang. How many times have you heard that cliche? Not enough, I tell you. Not enough!

My Status? Negative.

1 Dec

Given that today is World AIDS Day, the HIV/AIDS cause is one that is near and dear to my heart.

I’ve actually been part of a small cause of my best friend’s dancing group that put on a production to help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS some years ago. It was a touching thing that he did – mainly because he was affected by it in his personal life. Since then, he’s kept the cause close to him and does what he can to raise awareness and I back him 100%.

Though I know of people who are infected with the virus, I can’t say I know what living with it is like for them. But I know what losing someone to the complications of HIV/AIDS is like.

When I was a little girl, maybe four or five or six (my memory is a little hazy with my age) there was one man who I remember distinctly who played a huge role in my life. He was the father figure in my life when my biological father was absent. He was the man who knew how to make my face light up just by walking into the room. As far as I knew it – he was my Dad. There weren’t many men in my life that played a significant role or made big impressions on me, but he did.

For reasons that were inexplainable to me at the time I was just a little girl, this figure in my life grew ill from HIV/AIDS and he was gone and out of my life just like that. I saw him growing up as this uplifting and happy person and that’s how I always remember him. But the virus truly takes that away from people when it gets the worst of some people. I know that he fought as much as he could, but his better days are what he has left behind because when I think of him, I always think of his bearded smile and his olive complexion.

So, because of him and the knowledge I have about protecting myself about what other things there are out there and viruses I make it a priority for myself to get tested. More so whenever I’m entering a new relationship. Even when I’m not in a relationship, I just get tested out of precaution and to know my status. Some people can’t tell you the last time they were tested for HIV. I was tested just two months ago. My status – negative. My best friend’s theme for his performance a few years ago was “If You’re Not Infected, You’re Affected.” Know Your Status! Get Tested!

Happy Maggie!

22 Nov

This might just be another random post, but brace yourself. You’ve been warned. =D

Ahh, the things that keep me sane and living every day like it’s Friday. In no way do I mean to sound like I’m gloating, but when I’m happy – I have to embrace it, because no one person is making me feel happy or one relationship is doing it for me. I’m doing it for me. Too often I’ve put people’s happiness and their priorities ahead of my own and that’s just no more for me. To be honest, I’m tired of singing the same sad love song as Miss Toni Braxton would say. I’ve checked out on that agenda.

Moving along…

Pretty awesome things are happening to the people around me which have in turn been making me one happy camper. Being able to be a little ray of hope and inspiration to my circle has been inspiring me to do what I love and keep me going every single day that I have absolutely no reason to not be happy. This weekend, I helped my ten year old cousin with a speech she was giving because she was running for class president, which I have to add that even though I helped her get the words onto paper and into a cohesive way – all of the thoughts were her own. She framed the speech all on her own. She even told me how she thought she should start and end the speech! I’m proud of her to say the least and not just because she won, but because she took on a challenge like that and only because her teacher suggested she run for class president. Now she’s running for school president. Fun GLEE-inspired projects ahead? YES! Anything to dive into my youth for a little bit.

Just this weekend, I had one of the most productive weekends ever. I didn’t spend it working like most weekends and putting in much overtime. I spent it all on ME! And of course putting in some time with much needed people and inspiring thoughts and creative ideas. I’m getting this brain going and digging into some things and once it’s going there’s no telling where it will go and when it will stop.

Most of this year I was busy spending my time on other people when I should’ve been focused on myself & the places I was going. But rather than spending the rest of my life and spending time on the ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s ‘ I’m just going to plunge forward with everything I’ve got and do things a little differently this time. Still the same Margarita, just with a little twist.

I secretly hate that I’m sounding like loads of cliches right now and everything I’m saying is like a laundry list of girl punk phrases, but whatever. I’m a girl, dammit. Let me have my moment.

Random thought – but as I’ve been in this whole “focusing on me” high, I’ve also been adding to my bucket list and taking to treating myself in ways I definitely am super happy about. This girl right here is always happy. Since moving a few months ago, I’ve been slowly but surely decorating the new place and I’ve forgotten just how much thought goes into decorating. My bedroom feels kind of bland, but I picked up these small shelves from Target and I’m definitely looking for more inspiration and ways to spice up my bedroom.

There are probably two things I want for my room that are symbolic and one of which is here:

Yes, a dreamcatcher. I mostly want it because I’ve always loved them and always loved the meaning behind them. Though most people probably don’t know this about me because I don’t share it with many people – I do have Native American roots from my Father’s side which were only so vivid in my Grandmother when she was alive.

As you can see, there are plenty of things and people in my life keeping my feet on the ground and keeping me happy and living my life to the utmost that I can. There are way to many good days to look ahead to – especially now.

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