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If I Weren’t Who I Am Today..

20 Jul

I often talk about my love of interior designing and if I liked to move every year, which I don’t only because it’s costly and it’s hell of a lot of work, the one thing I absolutely love to do besides my passion of writing is decorating and designing things on a DIY-budget.

Often times you can catch me following bloggers and looking up DIY-things and restoring old furniture and looking up furniture on my favorite website, I love alot of the designers on Etsy so much so that the designers and sellers have added me to their circles lately. Talk about love of designing.

If I had it my way, I would be paid as an interior designer/decorator as I get my inspiration from all sources and outlets. I’m actually dying to go to these flea markets in Brooklyn where a few people have told me they have some really great vintage inspired furniture and antique pieces that will knock your socks off. It’s every designers’ dream.

Designing a space for me, is something I always see as another way of expressing my identity. Wether it’s through paint on the walls, picture frames, drapery, or throw pillows. It’s a statement you’re trying to make and you try to make it as close to your own identity as possible or something that replicates how you see yourself. So as I think about the next space or chances I will have at designing a space, I usually pull out pieces of a magazine or write down things that inspire me, jot down ideas I get from time to time and keep them together – however they may change sporadically.

If anyone has any good designing tips, suggestions or references.. please leave comments! Always suggested and helpful!


Shopping For a Bed Set = Trying on a Pair of Jeans ..Looking For a Needle in a Haystack

4 Jan

Before the year started, I’ve been on this hunt for some new bedding. I just have been itching to get my room really looking and feeling like my space. My walls are bare and I’m in dire need of a little interior decorating inspiration. I just haven’t found the time to sit down, do some research as to what I want to do. Let me just add that every time I’m ready to start a project and have my cousin over to drill some holes in my walls – he’s flagged for the job because the walls in my room are brick and the drill he uses isn’t the kind for the job. Who knew? I surely don’t know if I want to invest in a hammer drill either simply because those things are costly and well, I don’t want to spend the money. So I go to Plan B like not drilling holes in my wall and using those Command hooks by 3M instead. They’ve been pretty neat to use, but I can’t hang accent shelves like I wanted to.

I digress, though. My frustrations with my interior decorating go further beyond the scope of hanging shelves and putting up frames. I’ve been looking for new bedding for a little while now to switch it up a little. Everyone needs new sheets and I get bored of looking at the same thing on my bed all of the time. I’m always looking to buy new comforters and quilts and whatnot to keep my bed which at the end of the day is my only haven looking like a cloud. This is where my problem lays. I haven’t found a decent bed set in weeks since I’ve been looking. I’ve looked at prints online, in stores and NADA. It’s frustrating because I just want to spice up my room and complete the look I’m trying to establish so I can finish decorating the rest of my room. You would think it’s easy to just pick anything out and go. But for some reason shopping for a bedding set has been like shopping for jeans for me – an unbearable task. Every time I’ve shopped for jeans it’s something I’ve never looked forward to, because I never knew what I was going to get. Usually I walk out hot and heavy having tried on a half a dozen pair of jeans – half of which fit and half of which barely made it up to my hips.

It seems like shopping for bed sheets and comforters has been my new enemy.

I’m going to remain confident that eventually I’m going to find some good pieces that will add some life that my room is in desperate need of and will give me enough inspiration to finish designing my room so it can be the sanctuary I am envisioning it in my head. I’m praying to the Goddesses that they will be in my favor the next time I’m scouring through bedsheets and comforters. Pray for me!

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