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Why I Ever Wanted to Become a Teacher

12 Nov

I’ve been pretty blessed to have some amazing teachers throughout my 17 years of education and even though I was one of those kids who played teacher and loved the smell of chalk on my hands, I didn’t always dream of standing in front of a room of kids every day with the same tool I always dreamt about playing with during my youth.

If I’m being totally honest, I knew I wanted to be a teacher only until I became a freshman in college and I took a course by a English professor. The truth was that I had never realized how much I loved writing until that very moment and until that very class. It was the first time I ever wrote and spoke publicly about being molested as a kid and later as a young teenager. Later that year, it was that class that I had found my writing voice and I owed it to everything I had learned about writing, learning and this teacher – Professor Matthew Burgess.

So what am I doing with a Journalism degree, you ask? I always loved writing, this is something everyone knows about me. And I never saw myself as a reporter, yet, I saw myself as a lover of all genres of writing – journalism included. I thought getting a degree in English was too safe – and for someone like myself. I wasn’t sure that that was who I was supposed to be, just yet. I learned so much more about writing, styles, form and I have such an appreciation that why wouldn’t I ever want to be teacher? Well, that’s just it. Since that freshman year of college – I always knew that teaching creative writing was something I wanted to do. My positive experiences played such a significant part in the role I’m pursuing today and how I even got to where I am now.

Today – I’m spending my nights and¬† parts of my days thinking about my interview for the New York City Teaching Fellows program that’s coming up in a few days. After I get through this amazing fete, I will keep trodding on to pursue graduate programs in teaching English¬†education until I get into one program because I know that one program will be the right fit for me. I can feel it in my bones!!

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