Sometimes You Just Need a Vacation Away From It All

23 Feb

As much as I’d love to just hit pause on everyone in my life and give everyone a “BRB” for a good month or so just so that I could screw my head on right and figure out what the hell I’m trying to do – I feel like I just can’t. There comes a time when every couple of months or every once in a while I get a little overwhelmed with things or whatever it is I’m faced with and I’m not going to lie – it becomes a challenge for me. And it gets to the point where I feel like I can’t even talk to my closest friends and I want to close up in my turtle shell and hide out and hibernate for a good three months until it’s Spring again. WE ALL go through it. Right now I just want to lock myself up, not necessarily in my bedroom – just in general – and just be!

Of course, I know this will not in any way allow me to thrive the way that I need or want to. I will only shrivel to pieces and become more depressed, lonely and this sad puppy of a woman. Unattractive and lame to many – mostly to my own damn self.

Really though this is just a reason for me to forget about my problems instead of wallowing in them like I should be even if that means I should be drowning myself in tears, drinking more coffee than I should be and having random conversations on the telephone with people from the Internet just to pass time by. Of course this isn’t the type of life I envision either.

Sometimes you just need a break and some quality alone time without anyone bothering you or asking questions – anything.

A vacation from life. A break from every day headaches and nonsense. The things that make you go insane. A step back from the crazy just for a minute, for an hour, for a little while. To be free from the stresses and the things that keep you from happiness and fulfilling your journeys in life. Just for a moment, just for right now.


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